4 Ways to Market Yourself as a Writer

Market Yourself as a WriterWhen I first started my writing career, I didn’t have my own website. I also didn’t know what I was doing. Back in 2002, query letters were still mostly sent via snail mail and only the occasional publication would accept an emailed query letter. Query letters were the only form of marketing I did, and I only made $60 that first year – and that was from two article sales. Times have certainly changed, and even if they didn’t – I am still much smarter than I was back then. Here are 5 ways you can market yourself as a writer that I use now – and you should too. Oh and, I haven’t written a query letter in years.

Start a Blog and Write for it Yourself

Sure, you can start a blog and then outsource all the writing – but this won’t do you much good. When done well, a blog can bring in leads because it shows your clients what you’re capable of. Sure, it’s okay to accept guest blog posts – just make sure you’re doing the majority of the writing.

Engage on Social Media

If you don’t have an account on all the major social media sites, like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin, you’re missing out on its potential. You can use your accounts to promote your blog, draw attention to your writing, connect with other writers, and network with potential clients. However, just setting up the accounts and sharing information isn’t enough. You need to interact with people in a personal way in order for it to really work for you.

Build Your Email List

Content marketing is important to spreading your reach as a writer, and your email list should be at the core of your strategy. You should start your list as soon as you get your blog up and running and building your subscriber numbers should be your first priority. To give people incentive, you can always write a simple eBook that will appeal to your target audience and give it to people for free for signing up. Make sure you send out an email on a regular schedule so that you don’t lose their interest!

Start Guest Blogging

Once you have at least ten high quality posts on your blog, you should start guest blogging. This is a two-fold strategy. First, you can guest post on other writers’ blogs in order to connect with other writers. Second, think about your target client audience and submit guest blog posts on the websites that they read. Some blogs even pay money for guest posting, which means that you can not only use it to gain exposure, but you can even make some money in the process.

Use these strategies to help you market your writing business. They are especially useful if you want to focus on writing online!

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