Income Steps Academy Review – Part 1

Income Steps Academy ReviewThis is Part 1 of my review series on Income Steps Academy, a product by my favorite teacher on how to earn money online, Sara Young.  My motivation for buying this product is to take my online income to the next level. I have been a freelance writer since 2002 but I haven’t made consistent residual income since I took my writing business online. Here’s more information about my experience with ISA:

Some Information About My Online Journey So Far

Although I’ve had my online business since 2002, it has been incredibly difficult putting together the pieces. I got started with my writing career at a time when people were still writing query letters and sending them in the mail. Sure, I had an email address and internet connection, but the writing world was still fairly new. In 2005, I started my first blog and at the same time, I began searching for online clients. In other words, my business evolved as the internet evolved.

Over time, I realized that there were many ways to earn extra money using the internet. I began to explore different ways to monetize my blog, and I was hooked. Several blogs later, I am still making money with my blogs using various affiliate programs,  but I know my income can actually be more.

I’ve been a fan of Sara Young’s since she first got started online. I bought her first product, Easy Paycheck Formula, at least I think it’s her first, and used it to make some money. When Income Steps Academy came out, I thought I would give it a try.

How the Program is Set Up

One thing that stands out about the program is that it takes you through four stages of making money online and each stage builds on the other. The first thing that she teaches us is how to make our first income online using third party sites, and then using the knowledge gained from using these sites, we start a blog about a topic that we find interesting and that we are sure will make money. From there, we learn how to make even more money through affiliate programs and also how to build traffic and set up a list. I find the way that it is laid out to be very intuitive, and it is something that attracted me to the program in the first place.

Working Through Module 1 – Earn Money on Demand

The first module of the program represents the first logical stage of building online income. For me, this stage is completely redundant. I have been doing some version of module 1 since I began my writing career all those years ago. Still, I decided to slug through it and write articles on the sites that she recommends, such as iWriter, as well as some of the sites that I already knew about, like Textbroker.

What I have found is that this level isn’t what I was looking for in a product. My motivation for purchasing Income Steps Academy is to build my residual income so I can add to my asset list. When I bought the product sometime in the beginning of 2015, I had been receiving $.05 a word at a minimum from my clients, and I was also juggling the full time job that I have now. Trying to hustle so that I could write articles after I got home from work was a little demoralizing. This is the life I had been living for a decade and module 1 reminded me of the cycle I was trying to break away from. After much thought, I decided to leave module 1 behind without really gaining any ground with it.

Still, I understand that this is an important level. If you have no experience online, this is the place to start. It’s just that I had been stuck in the same place for far too long, I am glad I had the strength to walk away from it.

Going Through the Program with Ease

Right now, I am working on module 2 of the program and I couldn’t be more pleased. This is exactly why I signed up for the program, to figure out how to take my income to the next level. If you think about it, it’s rather unfortunate that I traded time for dollars for over ten years. That’s far too long to be stuck in a holding pattern.

To be honest, this blog is what my ISA efforts are centered around. I started it for two reasons – 1. to provide a platform to share my online business journey with others as a form of inspiration and 2. to provide a forum to test out everything I am learning with this method. So far, I haven’t made money as of yet, but I am confident that I will. I will cover my experiences with Module 2 in Part 2 of my review. Overall, I expect to make money in all levels of Income Steps Academy because Sara Young has a great way of explaining how to do it in a way that is clicking all the missing pieces of my knowledge on how to make money online in place. However, time will tell if this really works so stay tuned. I’ll keep track of my earnings or lack thereof and keep you posted on my progress. Maybe this will help you decide if you want to go through the training, too?

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