How to Write Better Online Content

How to Become a Better WriterAre you wondering how to write better online content? At my full time job, I write articles for our clients. Even though I have been a writer since 2002, I realized that I had a lot to learn. While I suffered my burnout, the world of content marketing and SEO moved on and my online writing style stayed the same.

Not only that, but I had developed habits that were detrimental to online content writing. Among the worst of them is that I was “over-optimizing” the content – something I didn’t even realize I was doing.

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4 Ways to Market Yourself as a Writer

Market Yourself as a WriterWhen I first started my writing career, I didn’t have my own website. I also didn’t know what I was doing. Back in 2002, query letters were still mostly sent via snail mail and only the occasional publication would accept an emailed query letter. Query letters were the only form of marketing I did, and I only made $60 that first year – and that was from two article sales. Times have certainly changed, and even if they didn’t – I am still much smarter than I was back then. Here are 5 ways you can market yourself as a writer that I use now – and you should too. Oh and, I haven’t written a query letter in years.

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6 Ways to Find Great Blog Post Ideas

IdeaDo you struggle to find blog post ideas. No matter how long you’ve been writing, it’s still possible to struggle finding topics to write about. For me, I’ve been a professional writer for almost 15 years and I still have difficulty from time to time! Some days, I feel that my idea well is so barren that I am certain I’ll never be able to write that day. Of course, this never happens. I’ve learned some tricks that make writer’s block an impossibility. Here are some of my best strategies:

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