Why I Want to be Free

freeI’ve been a freelance writer since 2002 and now I am transitioning to do internet marketing full time. Part of the reason why I am switching is that both my life and career are very different now than what they were back then. Back then, I was a newly married military spouse living in a place I adored.

Even now, Munich, Germany is still the city that claims my heart. Fast forward to 2009 when I moved to Germany once again as a military spouse. In 2012, I moved out of Germany as a soon-to-be divorced woman.

Those three years were a bit turbulent but I also had fun exploring Europe while I was there. As a result, I lost the majority of my writing clients and suffered from an extreme case of burnout.

Basically, I was so tired of writing for other people, I had to take a break. Going through a personal problem and traveling all the time also didn’t help. I went back to the United States a lot for visits, weddings, and funerals.

What I learned from 2009-2012 when I basically ignored my writing business is that I was tired of living a deadline driven existence, trading time for dollars, and working hard for someone else. I knew I needed residual income sources so I vowed to learn everything I could about how to supplement my current income with my side projects.

My goal is to be free, and I am slowly learning about what that actually means for my life. I thought this blog was going to be a “watch me succeed in business” type of site, but that might not be all it is. I might want to write about other things, too. As long as it helps me craft my ideal life and I feel like writing about it, I will talk about it here.

Free means that I won’t need to depend on others, that I will be at peace and on the path in life that I need to be on. Every moment of my day will be spend living a life where all my choices are completely my own. That’s why I am on this journey. How about you?

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